Critical Energy Services offers a wide range of services to their customers. These services are as follows:

Power Quality Solutions:

Power quality solutions are those that offer the most reliable deliverance of electrical power no matter what happens with the power supplied by the power company. The most common thought of solution is back up power via a standby generator. Although this solution works for many, there are those who cannot have a lapse in power. This lapse in power could result in catastrophic monetary losses to a company. UPS Systems offer sustainability of building power to critical infrastructure during power outages and brown outs. CESI offers the most reliable sources of backup power to sustain your facility.

Generator Design, Installation & Service:

Generators provide backup power to facilities by utilizing a device that monitors the utility company power. During a power outage or a time period of unstable power the device monitoring the system takes over and calls for the standby generator to start and come on line. At this point the generator will sustain the facility until the utility power stabilizes.

UPS System Design, Installation & Service:

UPS Systems are designed to provide power to critical loads while the transformation of power is taking place between the utility power and the generator power. During this period the UPS System carries the facility so no power loss is seen. This is critical for facilities such as data centers, IT server rooms, hospitals, surgical facilities and emergency services.

Surge Protection:

This is a service that is offered to protect the electronic devices in facilities. This is most often thought of in homes for computers, TV's and other small electronic devices. The misconception is that these devices only work on small equipment. Surge protection is offered by us to protect million dollar equipment including office computers, printers, fax machines fire alarm systems, telephone systems, security systems and cameras. These devices are offered with internal fusing and are extermely reliable. The devices protect against high surges in voltage from the utility company and from lightning. We have installed these devices to protect printing presses and machinery from voltage surges with remarkable results.

Lightning Protection:

Critical Energy Services Inc. is UL Listed Lightning Protection Installer. This gives our customers the comfort of knowing that our personnel as a company have attended the UL University courses in Raleigh Durham North Carolina and passed the continuing educational course to install these systems correctly. We see improper installations of these systems that causes damage to facility infrastructure, air conditioning equipment, security equipment and camera systems. We offer proper installations and maintenance for existing installations.

Industrial Systems and Controls:

We possess the experience and reliability to assist your company with new installations and maintenance of existing installations for PLC's, Conveyors, Elevators, Cargo Cranes, Tower Cranes, Security Systems and others installations .

Lighting Installations:

We offer the most up to date and cost effective solutions for your lighting needs. With the new and improved solutions of LED lighting as well as fluorescent, accent and parking lot lighting.


Critical Energy Services offers a wide range of maintenance solutions to their customers. These services are as follows:

Load Banking:

Load banking is a process in which resistance is applied to existing equipment such as Generators and UPS Systems. This process enables us to apply loading of the equipment to its rated capacity to insure that the equipment will perform to it rated capacity. This testing is also offered for DC Plants and Battery Systems. This type of testing should be performed on an annual basis to insure proper operation of your equipment in the event of an extended power outage.

Infrared Thermal Scanning:

This process in used to find any potential problems in the electrical system. This preventative service is often used to find and repair breakers, wiring and system components that are at risk of overheating and causing damage or loss of service to the building.

Data Recording & Power Monitoring:

PThis service enables us to detect fluctuations in power sources to a facility. This could be from a standby generator, motor loads, fire pumps, air conditioning and elevator loads just to mention a few.. This recording pinpoints the actual time of the fluctuation as well as the duration of the fluctuation. This information allows us to create corrective measures and bring the systems within allowable tolerances.

Analysis of Power Quality Systems:

Power quality analysis is the field where Critical Energy has specialization by analyzing the boundaries that allow electrical systems to function properly. Without the correct balance between power systems, electrical equipment can malfunction or permanently fail without giving any indication . There are many ways by which companies can face different electric power system complications and many of these causes are poor power quality. The quality of every successful power system largely depends on the well-organized set of parameters including continuity of services, transient voltage and currents, variation settlements in voltage magnitudes and harmonic content in the waveforms. Power quality is translated into the reliability of the providers infrastructure and its ability to deliver this power to the facility and its clients. Compatibility problems can be easily resolved by doing proper quality analysis work either by cleaning up the power or by making changes in the manner power is delivered by the system.


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